"When I dance I paint, when I paint I dance…."

"When I dance I paint, when I paint I dance…."

Graciela Perrone

Graciela Perrone, an artist originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, has been exploring different forms of art for years. Her many passions include oil painting on canvas, Flamenco dance, and singing. What she finds most important is the connection she makes with people through her art. And for that reason she strives to create in every aspect of her life.

Graciela lives with her family in the woods of Connecticut, surrounded by trees, birds, and streams of water—nature has been the place where she has found the purest inspiration to create.


When I was a little girl my mother told me that I could spend hours with colors and papers. I remember always being surrounded by pencils, always drawing and coloring—since then I have known my love for paint has been special.

The moment my true passion for painting showed was when I was about 14. I was riding my bike and suddenly I saw an atelier that read “Painting Classes”. I went inside and saw so many people painting on their easels. I had never felt such a need to do anything before that moment, so I rode my bike home and begged my parents to enroll me in the classes.

After my third class and knowing that Christmas was coming, I decided I wanted to paint a Christmas scene for my mother. I showed the picture I had chosen to paint to my teacher, who simply laughed at me and told me "maybe next year". And that is when I learned about the power of inspiration through the desire to bring something special to life on canvas. I left the class and went straight to the store to buy a small canvas. I painted my Christmas scene that night, and at Christmas I gave it to my mother.

I will always stay true to the power of inspiration because it is how I bring my paintings to life. If I can paint, then there will always be a magical place for me to visit. When I paint I can create a way to connect with someone, to make them feel—that is the most important thing for me.

For my first St. James Art fair in Louisville, I painted 30 original paintings. I remember sitting in my tent on the first day of the fair surrounded by all my paintings and thinking, yes, I am done! When people started coming into my booth and reacting to my art I realized I was far from being done. That fair was just the beginning. 

I remember one woman came to look at my art. She was quiet, she looked at my paintings and left. The next day as I was setting up my tent, I saw someone running towards me; it was the same quiet woman from the day before. She looked at me and said, “Please tell me you have it. I was doing my laundry this morning and I need to have that painting.” I was amazed, I couldn’t stop smiling. She got the painting and left. I have so many stories like this one. Sometimes we are lucky to know what happens to the paintings we create once they fly away. To know that my art could come back to me with a totally new meaning, transcending time and space and inspiring others, is the reason I paint.

I have been painting for years and I have always believed that my art is like the ocean, always moving and transforming, always alive. I am driven to create something that inspires me so much that has to be on a canvas. Sometimes as I am painting I never know where that inspiration will take me. It’s not always what I thought it would be: inspiration is an incredible journey of emotions, that after years of painting I’ve learned to trust and hold onto and believe in.

A painting for me is a trip to magic.

A painting is a journey.