About the Artist

"When I dance I paint, when I paint I dance…."

"When I dance I paint, when I paint I dance…."

Performance & More

Graciela has been performing and exhibiting her artwork in places such as Caffé Classico; Jazz Factory; with the Louisville Orchestra; Western University in Kentucky; University of Louisville; San Diego Symphony; Louisville and Cincinnati Opera, Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este, Uruguay; the Consulate of Uruguay in Chicago, representing her country.

She has been touring with her dance and artwork with Tim Rise (saxophonist of the Rolling Stones) and his Rolling Stones Project in Louisville, Chicago, Ann Arbor, New York City, and Philadelphia. She performed with Woodsongs Old Time Radio our, in Lexington, Kentucky. She has songs from her album Graciela in two movies, Keep Your Distance, directed by Stu Pollard and Higher Ground, a mountain Culture film.

Artist Statement

I have been interested in art all my life. Art allows me to create, and the creation is what makes me feel alive. Creation is the possibility to give a part of me; I wouldn’t know how to manifest otherwise. Connect, that is my main goal. It took me years, of painting, performing, teaching to really see the meaning of art.
Even in the process of finding our true passion it is important to connect.
My mother told me I used to play and draw with pencils since I was a little girl. I remember myself dancing, singing, and drawing. Art was always a part of me. When I was 14 , back in  my country riding my bike, I discovered a little art studio, it was in a second floor, I went in, and I saw all these people, sitting by easels, painting, I love the feeling, each of them were in their own world. I wanted to try it. I went and the teacher asked me to draw some apples and bottles, I painted them and he came and changed the colors, I never understood why he did that, but I was too amazed watching other people painting that I kept going. One day after my second or third class I brought an image, we were getting close to Christmas and I wanted to give my mom this scene it was a Christmas tree and three girls one sitting at the piano. I showed the image to the teacher and he laughed at me and told me:” maybe next Christmas”. I remember that day I took my bike, went to the store, bought a canvas, and paint the image that I gave to mom that Christmas. Something in me changed that day; you got a feel a connection to let someone in your soul.
I have been singing, dancing, and painting since I remember thinking there was a struggle. Since I wanted to do everything at the same time, jumping from one thing to the other, I thought I was not finishing anything, feeling that anytime I stopped painting to dance or to sing I was abandoning each discipline. Until I discovered that I could benefit from the three different things and make them one whole thing.
As I was painting, I could create and have visions of choreographies. When I was dancing, I could see paintings more deeply. And when I sang and wrote songs, I was painting. What I discovered is that by integrating them I could grow, and make my art stronger.

Graciela Perrone


Graciela was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and since she was little has been surrunded by pencils and colors. At the age of fourteen she started a deeper exploration into the world of painting. She studied under Sonia Bottaioli for several years in Uruguay and grew creatively as she grew up.

In 1996 she was selected by the government of Uruguay to paint over thirty reproductions of paintings by the famous Uruguayan artist, Pedro Figari.

Perrone has studied under Janice "Bug" Uttde and Joan Judah and has been a great success at Louisville's nationally renowned St. James Court Art Show. Her paintings have also been featured at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and are on exhibit in Caffé Classico in Louisville.


In 1995, Perrone emigrated to the United States where her continued quest to develop her art guided her to discover flamenco dancing. Flamenco dancing would become her most valuable source of inspiration. She eventually settled in Louisville, KY where she joined the Ballet Español. Ballet Español was a flamenco company directed by the acclaimed dancer, Mara Maldonado who single-handedly brought flamenco to Louisville. Perrone taught and danced in the ballet for several years and has studied flamenco in Spain with Juan Parra. Graciela has also studied in Granada at Carmen de las Cuevas School, in Cadiz with Concha Baras, in Seville, and in Jerez de la Frontera.


In 2007, coming back from Bilbao, Cadiz, Granada and Madrid, Spain, where she spent some days with Sara Baras and her flamenco company, she realized more than ever the importance of the emotion in this art form; she wanted to explore that through her paintings, her dance, and video art.

Graciela currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and is working on several projects including a new album and several exhibitions.