Flamenco ~ Series


My love for dance has been very present in my life since I was little girl. I found in music and dance a way to express who I am. I discovered my love for Flamenco dancing when I moved to United States. Flamenco dancing has been a wonderful way to express the passion I have for dance. The first time I took a Flamenco dance class I connected with this art form in a way I will always treasure. Over the years the learning of this art form and the opportunity of performing and teaching in many places made me realized how powerful this Art form is. Emotions are universal, somebody may not know anything about flamenco and be moved by it right away.
Soon after learning more about the art form , performed and traveling to Spain , I wanted to explore how to express this feeling on a canvas. Not only that, also taking good care of how the movement in flamenco could be represented too. For years I have been painting and making sure that feeling , that connection stakys true on a canvas.

La Fuerza de Sara

Original oil on canvas 36’ x 48’

Rose of Granada

Original oil on canvas 30’ x 40’


Original oil on canvas 30’x 40’


Original oil on canvas 36'x 48'

Dreaming of the Alhambra

Original oil on canvas 36’x48’