Melody of Colors ~ Series


Each color has its own sound, this collection is a way to create melodies as I paint. In some paintings you will see the sea, the forest and the sky. 

I found in these places serenity, connection with the Universe, a silence that can be so pure and uninterrupted that it is a need to my soul and heart to visit.

My interpretation of the sea, forest and the sky has a strong relationship with the effect of the powerful feeling of them on me. As well as the idea of surrender of the women contemplating them. And the skirts and dresses moving with the wind is a reminder that a quiet moment has always shown a connection with the most precious self.  

Again my need to show movement is as important as the colors of my palette. As if the colors are a melody to my art.

Into the Forest

Original oil on canvas 30’ x 40’

Silver Star

Original oil on canvas 30’ x 40’

Following the Fox

Original oil on canvas 30’x 40’

Sara's Dances

Original oil on canvas 36'x 48'

Finding your Colors

Original oil on canvas 30’x40’

Nubes de Colores

Original oil on canvas 24’x36’